Breast Milk Sharing

Human Milk is a Miracle

It is one that can and should be shared. The components of donated milk are unmatched by any commercial formula: immune properties, growth factors, hormones, enzymes and many other factors that optimize the health of infants are present.

Some mothers' are sharing breast milk outside of the regulated Milk Banks, buying and selling their milk online.  At Presbyterian/St. Luke's and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Chidlren, we feel this is extremely unsafe.

The Mothers' Milk Bank of Denver adheres to the strict guidelines published by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America ("Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of a Donor Human Milk Bank," reviewed annually) and written with the input of reperesentatives from the Food and Drug AdministrationCenters for Disease Control and Prevention and American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition, the Mothers' Milk Bank complies with the United States Public Health Service "Guidelines for Prevention of Transmission of HIV Through Transplantation of Human Tissue and Organs."

Milk Screening

All milk is pasteurized at a minimum of 62.5 degrees C for 30 minutes. Both CMV and HIV viruses are killed by this process, while preserving the unique immune properties. Additional information is available upon request.

A post-pasteurization bacterial culture is performed and must comply with our standards of no growth.

For more information:

303-869-1888 local

877-458-5503 toll-free

KUSA on Breast Milk Sharing

Dr. Jeffrey Hanson says sharing mothers' milk online, outside the safety of a Mothers' Milk Bank, is not safe.