We Owe Our Daughter and Granddaughter's Lives to PSL Staff

Anna Bigelow and Baby

Our daughter, Anna Bigelow, was recently in the hospital for loss of amniotic fluid during pregnancy. She had been there on the OB floor for several weeks and was happy and healthy. She received great care and the nursing was excellent. She felt very comfortable with the staff and developed good friendships. Suddenly, she was in full cardiac arrest after having her lungs collapse. The nurses apparently called a "Code 0", and the response was tremendous. Dr. Breeden very quickly performed a C-Section to try to save the baby. Anna was resuscitated and rushed to the ICU, where she was attended by Dr. Bodoni and many others. He and his staff spent a number of hours stabilizing her. Dr. Bodoni continued to call the hospital throughout the night to check on her condition. He did considerable research and under his capable hands, she was able to recover from what appears to have been an "Amniotic Fluid Embolism". Dr. Miller from cardiology was brought in to run tests on her heart. He was very attentive and was willing to visit with us numerous times explaining and discussing Anna's condition.

We spent over five days in the hospital watching the care that Anna was receiving. We were impressed with every staff member with whom we came in contact. During our time at the hospital, Dr. Hanson, who took over care of the baby following the C-Section, was very competent and professional, yet so easy to work with. It was obvious that he has a tremendous amount of concern for his patients. Anna received very intensive care while in the ICU. We, as family members, were taken care of as well. A social worker was assigned to us and she visited several times while trying to meet our needs. Everyone was friendly yet professional in their attentiveness to Anna. Staff members who were not directly assigned to her physical care came to visit out of genuine concern. Needless to say, we were very impressed.

It would be impossible to personally thank all of those who were involved in Anna's care during this crisis, so we would hope that this message of gratitude would be passed on to all that were there. We literally owe her life and her baby's life to the Presbyterian/St. Luke's staff. Please know of our heartfelt thanks for all that you have done and continue to do.


Brent and Lyn Turek