Thank You NICU

Cary Grauberger Laucomer and Baby Jordy

At 20 weeks gestation, it was discovered from ultrasounds that my baby boy had a mass on his lungs. Later, another was found on his stomach. I drove from Scottsbluff, Nebraska to Presbyterian/St. Luke's twice a month for ultrasounds to monitor the cysts. My son was born there with breathing complications and had his first surgery the next day to remove a gastric duplication on his stomach. Dr. Rothenberg rocks! The NICU nurses were awesome, too!

At 8 pounds, 11 ounces, Jordy didn't appear to be sick, but was back for two more surgeries in the first year to remove a pulmonary sequestration and CCAM. He's a healthy and beautiful 3-year-old now! The doctors never made me feel he wasn't going to be okay.

--Cary Laucomer