High Street Demolition

The Building at 1800 High Street is Demolished March 2012

High Street History

• This building has plenty of history and a rich history of patient care has been provided here

• In the Fall of 1994 The Family Health Center moved to 1801 High St. when St. Luke’s Hospital Merged with Presbyterian Hospital. At that same time, St. Luke’s Hospital was in the final stages of tear down

• In 1994, the Seniors Clinic from St. Luke’s relocated to this building and was located on the 2nd floor

• There was a pharmacy on the 1st floor which provided discount medications

• Internal Medicine joined the list of providers here in 1998

• And Podiatry also was integrated in January of 1999

• In 2000, the clinic changed names from The Family Health Center to High Street Primary Care Center

• In 2009 we created a new space for providers and patients. The High Street Primary Care Clinic relocated to Professional Plaza East 5th floor where it is currently located.

Prayer from Rev. Michael Guthrie

Almighty and everlasting God, who can banish all affliction both of soul and body. This building has been a refuge for the weary battling the enemy of illness. You gave wisdom to the professionals equipped with the tools to help fight the battle for the weary. May this day hold a place of honor for the work accomplished within the walls of this building. From its legacy, may you show forth the power of your aid upon those who are sick and wisdom upon the professionals who serve them. From this day forward. Amen. 

Rev. Michael Guthrie, M.Div., BCC

Manager, Spiritual Care Department
Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center
Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children