Young Choking Victim Brought Back to Life

Saving Jamal: How a 3-year-old was brought back to life - ‎Nov 9, 2011‎ More than two weeks later, you'd barely even know that Jamal Tanner essentially died that day. "It's huge. It's awesome. I'm glad he's OK," Denver firefighter Lacy Harmony said on Wednesday. "When I saw him he was unconscious and not breathing. ...

Choking Victim Thanks Those Who Rescued Him

Denver (CBS4) - A three year old who nearly choked to death on a rubber ball said, "Thank you" to all of the people who helped him.

Jamal Tanner, 3-Year-Old Denver Boy, Survives Choking On Rubber Ball (VIDEO)

Huffington Post - ‎22 hours ago‎ For Denver mother Monte Armstrong, this nightmare came to life when her 3-year-old boy, Jamal Tanner, swallowed a toy ball and started to choke. 7News reports that Monte was cooking breakfast on the morning of Oct. 22 while Jamal was playing with two ...

911 operator helps family save choking boy's life

Fox 31 - ‎Nov 9, 2011‎ That's exactly what happened to Monte Armstrong's son, Jamal. Jamal was playing with a friend while his mom was cooking breakfast. Jamal swallowed a small rubber ball, and started to choke. Monte called for help. 911 dispatch operator Reba Rose wasted ...

Denver Boy Nearly Dies After Swallowing Rubber Ball

KMGH Denver - ‎Nov 9, 2011‎ She was cooking breakfast on Oct. 22