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Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL Launches New Electronic Child Medication Safety System

Denver, CO (Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011) - A new electronic medication system, the Artemis system, is now in use at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL which adds a new level of safety when it comes to giving kids the right amount of medicine in an emergency situation.

The Artemis system is carefully designed to speed up calculations and reduce mistakes. Dr. James Broselow, the inventor of ‘The Broselow Tape’ and Dr. Robert Luten, Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, University of Florida, Jacksonville, combined the Broselow system with Luten content to quickly deliver precise accurate information.

In the early 1980’s Dr. Broselow was an emergency room doctor who saw how difficult it was to treat children in the ER. He knew there was a better way to administer medication safely so he created ‘The Broselow Tape.’ This is a simple, but effective, color-coded tool that determines body weight from body length and provides proper dosing for children.

The Broselow tape is used in practically every pediatric hospital in the country. He’s taken this proven system to the next level by creating the electronic version called Artemis. This new technology takes the potential for medication dosing errors out of human hands. While the Broselow Tape system works, we wanted to do whatever possible to make medication dosage even safer. Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL is the first of all our HealthONE pediatric hospitals to implement Artemis and HealthONE is the only health care system that will be using this electronic medication safety system within the entire Rocky Mountain West region.

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011, Dr. James Broselow demonstrated the Artemis system at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL, comparing the old hand written calculations to the new electronic Artemis system in a visual display. The amount of time saved by using the Artemis system was astonishing. Adding to the time saved, the precision of calculations bring pediatric medication safety to an entirely new level.

The RMHC at P/SL Emergency Department started using it Monday, Sept. 19th and the rest of the HealthONE Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Emergency rooms around the metro area will begin using the safety system Monday, Sept. 26, 2011.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL is located in Denver off High Street between 19th and 21st.

We are proud to offer this safety system to our community, our patients and their families.

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