A skin wound is damage to the surface of the skin. There are several types of skin wounds including:

  • Puncture—This wound is often caused by a sharp or pointed object. It pierces through the skin. It can also affect the soft tissue beneath it.
  • Laceration—With this wound, the skin is torn or cut open. It can vary in size and shape and be deep or shallow.
  • Avulsion laceration—With this laceration, the skin is torn off completely or there is a flap of skin.
  • Pressure sore—These sores are lesions on the skin. They are caused by long periods of pressure over a bony part of the body. The hip and heel are common sites for this wound.
  • Incision—This is a cut caused by a sharp object like a knife, broken glass, or scissors.
  • Abrasion—With this wound, the skin is scraped or rubbed off. Minor abrasions affect only the top layer of skin. Deep abrasions affect deeper layers of tissue and are more likely to leave a scar.

Pressure Sore (Skin Ulceration)
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There are many different causes of skin wounds. Some possible causes include:

  • Injury, such as a fall or blow
  • Animal bite or human bite
  • Long periods of time spent in one position