Class Type: Parent Education

Class Name: VBAC Preparation

Description: This one-time (3 hour) class is designed to discuss the risks and benefits of a vaginal birth after Cesarean section (VBAC) and elective repeat Cesarean birth. We will provide you with non-biased information and current statistics to help you make informed decisions (with the help of your physician) as you plan for the birth of your baby. A brief overview of the stages of labor, comfort techniques and medical interventions will also be provided. We strongly recommend taking our Comfort Techniques course for more practice with labor support, labor positions and relaxation techniques for the best chance at a VBAC delivery.

Fee: $40.00

Facility: Presbyterian / St. Luke's Medical Center

Location: Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center. Long's Peak Room 12th Floor

Class Date Start Time End Time Day of Week
02/24/2014 6pm 9pm Monday