Diabetes Management Center Services

  • Diabetes information for parents of infants and children, and for adults with diabetes
  • 1:1 or group instruction
  • Self-blood glucose monitoring
  • Meal planning
  • Weight loss
  • Insulin pumps
  • Continuous glucose monitoring systems
  • Pregnancy-induced diabetes and pre-existing diabetes in pregnant women

Monday through Friday


Diabetes Treatment at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Our Philosophy for Managing Diabetes

Provide the finest care available for diabetes treatment.

We believe that with proper professional support, care directed by evidence-based medicine, and access to the latest advances in technology, a person with diabetes can live a happy, healthy and productive life.

We are an American Diabetes Association Certified Education Center.

A Team Approach to Managing Diabetes

Under the supervision of your personal doctor, a team of American Diabetes Association-Certified Diabetes Educators treats your diabetes.

Diabetes Information for the Entire Family

Teaching parents of infants, children and adults requires time, patience and knowledge. Our Certified Diabetes Educators works closely with the entire family to provide an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance for everyone with diabetes, their families and others responsible for their care.

For more information, please call 303-839-6891.