Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment at Presbyterian/St.Luke's Medical Center

The Lung Cancer Clinic of the Rockies offers extraordinary multidisciplinary care to patients under the supervision of experienced, nationally renowned physicians.

Full Spectrum of Cancer Care

Our program provides comprehensive, integreated care that goes well beyond just diagnosis and treatment.  Our physicians meet regularly to discuss individual patient management, go over findings and recommend personalized therapies.

Advanced Bronchoscopic Interventions for Less Invasive Diagnostics and Treatment

  • superDimension inReach bronchoscopy allows improved ability to biopsy peripheral lung lesions in a less invasive manner than open resection.
  • The LIFE bronchoscopy system uses blue light technology to better visualize small or flat lesions in the lung.
  • Our experienced specialists provide interbronchial therapies that include photodynamic therapy, bronchial stenting, and high dose rate brachytherapy.



Low Dose CT Scan Reduces Cancer Risk

Presbyterian/St. Luke's & Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL have the ONLY lower dose CT scan in the Rocky Mountain region, the Aquilion ONE 320 Slice CT.

A new study shows CT scans for lung cancer can reduce lung cancer deaths by 20%.  The Aquilion ONE CT scanner decreases exposure to radiation for patients and is the most advanced CT scan in the world.

USA Today
By Liz Szabo, USA Today

For the first time, a large study shows that using CT scans to screen smokers and ex-smokers for lung cancer can reduce lung cancer deaths by 20% — potentially saving thousands of lives — by catching lethal tumors at an earlier, more treatable stage, according to a study released Thursday.  Read More >>>